Open your own Brick and Mortar OR Mobile DIY Studio through our Licensing Program!

Are you passionate about crafting and DIY projects? Are you looking for a dream job that is both fulfilling and financially rewarding? 

If this sounds like you, we want to talk to you! We are looking for creative individuals across the US who are passionate about crafting and community and have the drive to make their dream job a reality. 

The Rustic Orchid offers a unique licensing opportunity in which individuals will receive access to our licensed:

-Project Plans
-Marketing Templates

-Project Photos and Group Photos

-Trade secrets and Suppliers

-Consulting & Training



Full training is included in our affordable licensing program. Those who license with us have the freedom to have their own unique business name and be independent, yet receive a great deal of support and ongoing training. Rather than reinventing the wheel and starting from scratch, you can invest a small amount and have a collection of almost 700 unique designs, unique project build plans, a website, marketing templates like flyers and social media imagery, photos of the projects and workshops, access to our sign supply website that provides every item you need in one easy to shop place, continual consulting from us and so much more.

There are SO many benefits of a license agreement with The Rustic Orchid:

  • Some licensing programs give you branding and files, but the rest is left for you to figure out. Not here. We care about you and your success, so ongoing training and consulting is INCLUDED!

  • Mobile AND brick and mortar studio training are INCLUDED

  • We have very unique projects and a wide assortment of projects, so you'll stand out from the crowd.

  • Your website will put you strides ahead of the competition with EVERY design and project available for customers to view and pick from, plus completely organized for you so registration is a breeze.

  • You'll have access to ALL our unique designs and project plans. You don't have to buy files or take the time to design your own!

  • The right to use our photos and sign designs, with new projects and designs added frequently. 

  • You'll get your own website. No hiring a web designer or spending months trying to make your own.

  • Guidance on location selection and the purchasing of equipment


Rather than taking years to get started, you can dive right in. Why reinvent the wheel when you can start right away with everything you need? Designs, photos, pricing, marketing, project ideas... all of it is at the tip of your fingers. With our licensing agreement, you have all the proven and effective training and advice you need to succeed from someone who has been there, done that. All you need is a passion for crafting and community and a passion for business to run your studio.


We know what it's like to want your dream job so badly yet not be able to make it a reality due to finances. We ask for only a tiny fraction of the cost compared to other studios and franchises. Finally, you don't have to let money get in the way of having your own brick and mortar or mobile studio. You will have to invest in your business to get started, but a licensing agreement with us is a great and affordable option.


You truly get to OWN your business, yet we are personally cheering you on, encouraging you and helping you be successful. We are like a family and we care about our licensees. We provide continual training and frequent new designs. Not only that, but we are much more affordable than other studios. 

If you are passionate about creating a sense of community by bringing creativity into your town, and have experience in arts, crafts or running a small business, this may be the perfect opportunity for you. If you're ready to make a positive life change and invest in a license agreement with The Rustic Orchid, we would love to hear from you. Please fill out our application below. 

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