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Need a DIY sign kit, or want us to make a sign for you? You can request to have any of our signs as a Take and Make DIY kit or have it made for you!


We are also happy to take any custom requests. We custom design all our signs and would love to make something special for your home. Contact us today to request a custom design.

To order a sign to be made for you, please follow the instructions below and then click on the listing below that says "Order a Wood Sign."

To order a Take and Make Kit, please follow the instructions below, then click on the "Order a Take and Make Kit" listing below. 

To view our design categories, click on a category in the "Design Categories" menu below. (If you are on a mobile device, we recommend viewing designs on a computer so you can click on categories rather than scroll through every category. Images will also load better on a non-mobile device). Once you are in a section you would like to see more of, click the LOAD MORE button to load all the designs in that category. Below each image is a code (i.e.  ANI12) which you will provide to us when ordering. When you provide your code, please also provide the size sign you would like made.  If you choose a solid board size, please also specify if you would like to add framing for an additional $10-12. Below every design, you will see the size options for that specific design, which you can then reference with our price list below. 


Once you have written down the design code and size board you would like made, please go to the product link below to order. You will also need to provide the stain color and paint colors you would like for the sign. Please note, stains and paints can vary from the images below, so please choose from the stain and paint colors provided in the listing below.

Design Categories

Size Options & Pricing


Solid boards are a single board, which can be framed for an additional $12.
8x8" boards are for special mini board events. Both 8x8" and 8x12" boards are typically reserved for kids.

  • 12x12 - $35

  • 12x16 - $38

  • 12x18 - $40

  • 12x20 - $42

  • 12x24 - $45

  • 12x36 - $55

  • 12x48 - $65

  • 8x8 - $10

  • 8x12 - $20

  • 8x24 - $40

  • 8x36 - $50

  • 8x48 - $60


Pallet boards are several smaller boards planked together to create one large board.

  • 14x14 - $45

  • 18x18 - $55

  • 22x24 - $70

  • 10x30 - $50

  • 10x36 - $60

  • 10x48 - $70

  • 14x20 - $50

  • 14x24 - $55

  • 14x30 - $65

  • 14x36 - $75

  • 18x20 - $60

  • 18x24 - $65

  • 18x30 - $70

  • 18x36 - $75



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